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Braintree District MCC

To join the club and to get a license is really easy to do using the ACU’s website

The below instructions may look long and complicated but it really isn’t and the website takes you through the process very easily:

  • Once you have done that click on “my licences” and “apply for a new licenses” located at the top of the webpage.
  • You then need to apply for “trials” in the discipline category and hit the button “add license”.
  • If you are not a current paid up member of the club for the year the next page will state: “Our records indicate that you do not currently have a primary membership with a club”. Below are a list of clubs within a radius of your postcode. OBVIOUSLY then select Braintree & DMCC from the list shown at the bottom of the page and click on “proceed”.
  • For youth riders select the tick box “Youth/Academy” at the bottom of the page. And tick the disclaimer boxes before hitting on “proceed”.
  • Answer all of the next page regarding medical conditions.
  • Proceed through the next page of disclaimers.
  • All you then have to do is click on the “process payment” button – if you have followed all of the above you should be asked to pay £17.00 (£12 for the license and £5 for the club membership).

You will get e-mail confirmation and then finally for youth riders need to reply to that e-mail with the Minors Declaration form and a photo of your child for their ACU license card.

Please continue to follow us on Facebook to hear the very latest news and events. You can find up and coming local events run by other clubs at…

Hope the above all makes sense but happy to answer any questions you have. I’d really encourage you all to join!

“Excellently organised club catering for all ages. Only local club helping youngsters to experience trials riding”

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